It is very possible that a dog will become very antisocial, depressed, and nervous if it doesn’t grow up in a safe and happy place.

Because of this, when the dog does get to a place where he can relax, he likes to curl up on himself and hide from everyone because he isn’t used to the way it feels.

It’s very important that the person taking care of this puppy go very slowly so that the dog can calm down at his own pace.

Rocky Kanaka, who supports pet rescue, knew how to deal with the dog in the best way possible. The dog had a hard time trusting humans because of his bad past.

Friends, meet Arthur.

He is a cute one-and-a-half-year-old Cattle Dog mix who lived on the streets after a litter was left behind without a home.

He was so thankful that he had been adopted soon after he got to the rescue. His happiness didn’t last long, though, because his family had to give him back to the shelter because they could no longer care for him.

It was true that this bad thing did hurt Arthur.

He was very sad and worried, and he wouldn’t even look at anyone. He was about to change his behavior, though, when a great guy named Rocky asked to hang out with him for a while.

It’s Easy
Arthur was kept in the sally port, which is a part of the shelter where dogs often go before they can go inside and be checked out. This was Rocky’s chance to meet himself.

In the beginning, Rocky chose to sit farther away so that Arthur could have his own space. The savior knew that Arthur was scared because he was in a place he didn’t know.
Because Arthur wouldn’t look at Rocky, Rocky gave him a treat to try to win his trust.

At first, he put one in front of the dog, but it only sniffed it. Then he put another one closer to him, but it didn’t work either.

So, the savior took the treat out of his hand and gave it to Arthur. To his surprise, the dog ate it!
Rocky was very happy.

He went on to say that dogs that are already stressed out don’t usually take treats from an open hand because it makes them even more stressed. But the fact that Arthur took it gave Rocky hope.

Arthur didn’t look at Rocky, though, even after taking a few treats from him.


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