Life would be so dull without friends who were always there for us.

Some friends only have two legs, while others have four and a lot of fur. But these friends can make our lives so much better, even though they have extra feet.

Dogs have become Delvia González’s best friends, so she knows this to be true.

Always Best Friends

Greko is a cute Pit Bull who lives happily with her mom, Delvia Gonzalez.
Like all dogs, she loves having fun play dates, especially with her favourite people.

While she loves every hooman she meets, there is one person in particular who holds a special place in her heart.

Gonzalez had to go to work every day, so Greka needed to be cared for by someone. Luckily, Gonzalez knew just the right person for the job.

González’s mom, Delvia, who is 70 years old, chose to watch Greka, and it was the best choice she’s ever made.

“They were always together and kept each other company,” González told The Dodo. “They played fetch with the ball and when they got tired, they’d start watching TV together.”

They had a lot of fun together, and Greka would stay by Gonzalez’s side when she wasn’t feeling well until she did.
As a result of having diabetes, my mother had trouble seeing. She had a hard time seeing, so Greka helped her. Grieka always told me when my mum was sick or when her blood sugar levels changed, and she stayed by her side. González said, “She always laid at her feet no matter where she was.”

Really Bad News
The dog stayed by her babysitter’s side until the very end, because Gonzalez died after being taken to the hospital.

She was the first person to come into the emergency room. She was in a lot of pain and worried about her mom. We took Greka to say goodbye to her grandma on the day she was buried so she would know that she would not be coming back. We got her close to the grave. She cried a great deal. But she knew that her grandmother was at peace, even though she was shaking with sadness.

Friends will always have each other in their minds, even if they live far apart. Gonzalez shared a movie on TikTok that makes this very clear.

Gonzalez put up a picture of her mother to remember her, and the dog wouldn’t leave its side as soon as it saw it.

“She’s sad.” Gonzalez said, “She walks up to the picture, gives the ball to her grandmother, and then sits there waiting for her to throw it to her.”
González did everything she could to make Greka feel better, and that helped her feel better too.
“Every time I hug Greka or when she brings me her ball, I feel like my mum is with me.” “Her love for my mum has kept us together through this very hard time,” she said.

Still, their mother and grandma are still with them. The beach trip they took not long ago proved that.

Love is wonderful. Love has the power to last forever, whether it’s between two people or between a pet and its owner.
Gonzalez is going to watch over them and make sure they always have a smile on their face.

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