I believe that all dogs want is a loving home and a place to live. That’s all there is to it, but not everyone can do it. There are times when dogs stay in shelters for a long time hoping that someone will adopt them. However, this doesn’t always happen.

Things changed quickly for this puppy, but he had to wait a long time to find someone after being taken to a rescue. Something changed just as he was beginning to feel down.

A Wonderful Time

Porter was so sweet that the people who worked at the California shelter that took him in hoped he would find a home quickly.

Even though they had hoped for something different to happen, he ended up living there for at least a month.

One terrible day, a couple came through the door. They wanted to adopt a dog.
When they came up to Porter to introduce themselves, he leaned his behind against the wall because that’s what he did when he met new people.

That was the moment they chose to adopt him. Analise, his new mom, told GeoBeats Animals, “He was so sweet and just wanted to be close to us.”

Porter is a very unique dog.

It was his first day in his new home in California, and he didn’t know what to do. At first, Porter wasn’t sure, but he quickly learned that these people only wanted to help.

He got used to his new life pretty quickly, and he always thanked his new parents for adopting him. It was so cute.
That made the couple wonder what kind of dog he was because he had some really funny facial reactions.

They did a DNA test, and what they found was very strange. Half of a Porter is Husky, and the other half is German Shepherd, Pit, and Bosworth.

He had some traits from both of those breeds, even though they were not usually together. His family calls him “resting Pit face,” which I thought was a funny way to describe it.

They also saw that he was a big dog and a lot taller than most people would think.

He found his favorite people.

When some of Analise’s friends met Porter, he would get close to them right away and lean on them to introduce himself.

Even though he looked a little scary because of his size, people were always surprised by how happy and sweet he was.

The dog was just very happy. “He gets the zoomies every morning and is so excited to see you,” Analise said. He enjoys life and all the things he does.

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