It breaks my heart to think about how dogs who live on the streets must feel, forgotten and loved by everyone they meet.

When stray dogs meet people, they can’t help but hope that they will finally get the love and care they need.

There’s one hope that never goes away in their hearts; it gives them the strength to keep going.

A hungry lost dog had the same dream as he stood in front of a store and looked sad at people walking by. They looked at him like he was pleading with them to feel his pain and help him change his life.

Kind people walk up to the dog.

When a kind-hearted person came into the store, she felt sad when she saw a lost dog with a sad face.

When the dog saw her, he ran over to her and started to smile and wag his tail.
The stray dog looked worn out. He wasn’t getting enough food, so all of his bones could be seen. His hair was dusty and dirty.

The good person comforted him by rubbing his head.

She quickly got him food and fed him. The dog quickly ate everything, and he agreed to go with the person who saved him.

The lost dog was happy as she carried him to the car. He was finally leaving the streets with someone who loved him.
Getting a lot of love and help

The person who saved the dog took him home and bathed him. She saw that he had cuts and bald spots on his body.

The dog felt better after taking a bath. After dinner, he went to sleep.

The dog’s caretaker took him to the vet the next morning for a full checkup. He was told he had slight eczema and wasn’t getting enough food.

The vet gave him the medicine and told his caretaker what the dog should eat.

The kind woman with a huge heart bought him healthy food and other things he needed.

He started to get better after she took him home.

The friendly dog was thrilled to meet the dog that saved him. The two dogs became great friends right away.

They liked going for walks and playing together. That dog was glad to have a friend dog that was always by his side.

The person taking care of the dog felt very strongly about taking care of him and spent a lot of time with him, giving him all her love.

The Love His Heart Wanted

Things got better for the dog every day.

He grew close to everyone in the family. The cute dog finally felt like he belonged somewhere.

He loved the person who took care of him, and he kissed her a lot. The cute dog really enjoyed all of her help and love.
The puppy’s health started to get better over time. He put on weight and his skin got better. As his new hair grew in, the puppy turned into a beautiful boy.

The person who saved the dog loved him and gave him a forever home.

The dog was very happy, as its eyes sparkled. He had a family that loved him again. It was everything he could have asked for.

We’re thankful for the kind person who made the dog’s biggest dream come true and changed his life.

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