A man’s best friend is his dog. He cares about the love and trust of the person he loves the most very much.

Unfortunately, the dog’s whole world falls apart when that same man betrays him.

Kind people need to try to win the dog’s trust back, and the dog needs to decide if it wants to trust them again.

In today’s story, the dog was in the same position, but he chose the right thing to do, which led to a happy finish.

The poor pad was broken.

A fisherman saw a hurt dog walking idly along the shore and decided right away to call for help.
These rescues, who had big hearts, didn’t have any trouble getting to that place right away.

They couldn’t help but notice that he looked a lot like a Teddy bear when they got there. He was a poodle. Since he was wearing a collar, it’s likely that he got lost.

They went up to him right away, and he gave them his leg without any trouble. It was clear that the leg was broken. What did this poor dog go through while he was out in the cold and in so much pain in his leg and heart?
Even though he was broken on the inside and out, he chose to trust them and follow them.

A Long Way Back to Health

He was taken home by one of the people who helped. The savior chose the name “Spike” for him because he had spikes all over his body.

Spike was very dirty and had a lot of cockleburs on him. So, the person who came to help him washed and cleaned him well and then cut his hair.

That poor dog who was in pain seemed to feel half as heavy after that. But he had a long way to go before he was fully better.

The next day, the person who saved him took him to the vet, who quickly found a broken bone. Spike had to have surgery in order to be able to walk again, which was a shame. He could still get his life back for a small price.

The surgery went well, and Spike was happy, even though he was shaking when he woke up from the anesthesia.
He was cared for by many good people, and he hadn’t felt real love from another person in a long time. So, along with his broken leg, his broken heart was also getting better. He felt a lot better after a week, but he had to rest for a long time.

The second surgery happened four months after the first one. The steel plates and nails that were put in during his first surgery to help the bone heal were finally taken out.

In other words, it meant that his leg was fully healed and that he could finally run into the arms of everyone he loved.

He Made The Choice To Trust People Again

At last, Spike’s hair grew back after months of not having any. He was once again a cute and healthy Poodle.

His only wish was to have a forever home, but just as things were getting better for him, his happiness peaked.

Because of his moving life story and unwavering faith in people, one man couldn’t help but adopt him.

Spike couldn’t hide how happy he was with his new home. He had a tail that wouldn’t stop wagging, and he loved being held by his new best friends. He made his new family so happy.
Spike was a dog who never gave up on people until the very end. He wrote a beautiful story that showed how love and trust between a person and a dog can get through anything.



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