She didn’t choose to live on the streets. Someone had left her earlier.

It was too late to hide from the streets when she noticed she was giving birth. There wasn’t time to find a place to stay. She had to use all of her strength to bring the babies into the world.

Brokenhearted, worn out, and about to pass out…

This mother dog that had been left behind showed both the weakness and power that a mother has.

Does her story have a happy ending? Is there going to be something good after all this pain?

Mom, you did a great job! The puppies are here.
It broke my heart to think of a new dog mommy lying helplessly next to her babies that were born just hours ago.

It looked like the picture was screaming and yelling for help!

This dog mommy was so weak she couldn’t even walk.

She was broken in so many ways, how could she be strong?

Her tag says that her previous owners left her earlier. It had to be because she was pregnant. Without food, drink, or a place to stay, this sweet girl was walking around the streets looking for a quiet place to give birth.

Plans don’t always work out, though. She had to give birth on the street, on a piece of cardboard, because labor came on by surprise.
There are six pups now. Two of them were already perfect when their mom pushed them out, which was sad.

When the mommy saw people coming toward her, she used every bit of her strength to get up, even though she was completely worn out. She had to protect her kids.

She had no idea that those people were attempting to aid her. She was on the defensive, being mean and doing everything she could to keep her babies safe. She didn’t seem to understand that some people are good and not all of them are out to hurt her.
The mother fought the rescue team three times before they caught her and took her and her children to a safe place.

The people who came to help were glad to see that mommy had enough milk to feed her puppies. It was time to feed mommy too.

She was so tired and hungry that she couldn’t wait to eat something nice.
As everyone knows, dogs only need one or two meals a day. That day, the mommy ate three times. For her first two meals, she ate about 5 pounds of liver! She was really hungry.

They were very sick for the first 48 hours, but after that, they were fine. They began to get bigger, opened their eyes, and enjoyed the cuteness of being puppies.

The mommy was also fine, though she was still a little frightened and shy around people. That’s okay, though. The dog mom will discover her heart again to trust people at some point.

The poor mother dog and her puppies would have died of hunger if these kind, dog-loving people hadn’t come to their aid.

Mother finally got the life she always wanted after all the trouble she had as a child.

I understand that we can’t save every lost dog. We can’t take them all in or end world hunger. But at least we have a few bucks left over to feed the dogs that live on the streets. The number of lost dogs in need would drop by a huge amount if everyone pitched in.


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