Our dogs are like family to us, and we can’t imagine living without them. We love being with them, and it’s the best part of our day.

We love them very much and do everything we can to make them happy.

Some cruel dog owners don’t care about their dogs as much as decent people do. They leave them on the streets and treat them badly.

Indigo was one of the pups whose owners didn’t want her. She had only been without her mum for a few days when she was taken away.

The mean people who owned her put her in a wooden box and left her on the street at night. The cute fur baby kept crying because she missed her mum. She was scared and missed being cuddled by her mom.

Keeping a precious life alive

Someone was kind and found the little furry friend the next morning. The woman was heartbroken when she heard her cry. The puppy needed her mum more than ever when she was born.

The woman called the nearby shelter, and people came to save the puppy. Someone took her in and cared for her.

After being awake all night by herself, the baby was tired and weak. She fed the dog from a bottle and took great care of her.
There was something wrong with the dog’s eyes, she soon saw. The child looked like they had cataracts.

When her foster mom found out that her owners had taken her away from her mom because she had eye disease, she felt sad.

It was really hard to comfort the little dog. Her only wish was to be with her mum.
The person taking care of the pet got worried when she saw that the puppy had diarrhea. She talked to the doctor, and they gave her the medicine she needed. The puppy felt better after taking the medicine and then went to sleep.

Stefani, the foster mom’s dog, also watched over the puppy. He sat next to the baby and watched the cats to make sure they didn’t wake her up. The woman felt better when she saw her dog take care of the baby.
She kept the baby warm by wrapping her in a blanket. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw that the puppy’s diarrhea had stopped.

While the dog’s foster mom gently stroked the cute dog, she felt calm.

Still, Stefani kept an eye on the little puppy, especially when it was sleeping. He watched her to make sure she didn’t trip.

The puppy keeps doing well.

The woman gave the child toys to play with and named her Indigo. The cute dog liked to roll around in her bed and play with her toys.

As time went on, Indigo kept doing well and growing. She could eat on her own when she was twenty days old.

Indigo’s foster mum was worried that the dog might not be able to see well. She wasn’t sure if Indigo’s eyes would get better.
The vet told her that surgery would not help Indigo when she took the dog to see him. The dog was given medicine.
When Indigo’s foster mom took her home, she made sure she took her medicine on time. As before, she continued to love and care for the puppy very much.

Adoptive mum for Indigo knew the medicine had worked when she saw that Indigo could see better. She was so happy.

The love Indigo got from her foster mom made her feel safe and happy. She grew up to be a lovely dog.

We’re thankful for the kind person who found her and the foster mum who gave her all the love and care she needed.


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