There was a lot of noise at a busy train stop, but a little dirty puppy stood still on the rails with its tail wiggling. People nearby were worried when the dog held his breath and looked at a place under a nearby couch. There was worry about the puppy’s safety, so someone called the cops. As the police officers got closer to the persistent puppy, they went from being amazed to being scared. He refused to move, though, no matter what. When they found out why, they turned pale.
The puppy was sure of itself.

The dog seemed to only want to go back on the tracks after the police finally got it off.
Since the trains were running again, they couldn’t let it happen. They had never seen a young animal so driven.
Getting the truth

She quickly learned the truth.
But someone who worked at the train station wanted to know why the puppy was so determined to jump back into the area where it was likely to die.

Trains were told to stop.
Right away, she told all the trains to stop! She hoped she wasn’t too late. They should have paid more attention to the dog.

What did the dog do on the track, though? Why did the police have to step in, and why did the animal want to come back so badly.


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