The dog got caught in the barbed wire while running in the yard. It took a lot of people to get together, and then they called for help. When the emergency teams got there, they saw that the dog was badly hurt.

It’s windy and the dog is barking and making noise, so the heroes told everyone to get out of there. They then went to look at the barbed wire and saw that it was made of strong iron. After that, they took all the tools, such as drills and saws. After that, they took the dog. The dog ran away and barked because it was scared.

The dog became quiet when the rescues told him they were there to help him. At first, they used cutters to try to cut the barbed wire, but the dog was too small for them. Because they didn’t want to hurt the mouth, they put plier on the inside and round it. The rescuer slowly wrapped the wire around the dog’s teeth. As soon as the band was on, the wire came out of the dog’s teeth, freeing it.

The dog was happy to go on its way.

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