Howl of a Dog found an old dog wandering around near a train station. The dog was limping and his left eye looked like it was hurt.

They didn’t want to try to save him because they were afraid he would run away and get hit by a train. They followed him and tried to get him to go somewhere safer.

“It was a marathon because he ran away every time we got close.” “But he finally got it that we were only trying to help him, or maybe the smell of the tasty treats finally got through to him,” they wrote.

Right away, they took him to the vet. They were shocked to find that he had a tag and an owner, but they were sad to hear what the owner had to say.

When Howl of a Dog called the registered owner, he said he didn’t want the dog back and asked them to take him. They were hoping for a happy meeting between the dog and his owner.

They also said, “Bobi (his owner gave him that name) apparently ran away from home and traveled a long way; he was found about 10 miles from his home.” Our family will never understand why he ran away and was no longer wanted, but we don’t want to blame anyone. We’re just glad we were able to save him.

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