Why is it so important to pay attention to your pet if it starts acting strangely? Because this dog did something very kind to help his family.

If Benjamin and Hope Jordan found a babysitter to watch their son Finn, Killian, the dog warned them that something might not be right with the babysitter.

The Jordans said they thought something was wrong when Killian started barking and protecting Finn whenever the babysitter came by. The South Carolina family told WCSC Live 5 News that after about 5 months of having her watch their son, their dog became very protective of him whenever she came in the door. “He was very mean to her, and we had to physically stop our dog from going to her a few times.”

They left an iPhone under the couch and recorded sound for when the woman came over again. They went straight to the police after hearing what they did! Finn was in danger, and Killian helped save him.

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