Millions of dogs around the world wait for the right family for more than half of their lives.

Some wait in a shelter with other people who live on the streets. Some dogs are picked at random (and I’d even say magically) by people who just can’t let go of a dog in need. Of course, some people never get one, which is a sad truth!

Surachet Klaewka, a guy from Trang, Thailand, saw moving mud balls in a well on his way to work. He had no idea that this would be the day that his life would never be the same again.

Stuck in a well on a construction site without mum nearby

It was clear that going down that narrow well was the best thing to do at that point, because those mud balls turned out to be puppies!

Even though it breaks my heart to see lost puppies in Thailand, it’s not really news. There are about a million stray dogs in the country that need a home, and another 700,000 dogs whose owners are said to have left them.

It was so sad to see these puppies crying in a well. They were calling for their mum or someone to help them get out, but no one did anything. Everyone on the five of them was covered in mud so thick that they couldn’t even see out of their eyes.

It was a wonder that these furballs didn’t choke to death since they must have been in the well for at least several hours.

Klaewka took them out one by one until he was sure they were all safe. He thinks that either the mother delivered the puppies in the well or took them there to keep them safe.

Giving the puppies a short bath to get rid of the mud on their fur turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to them. The puppies looked like they were still shocked, but they were very calm around the person who saved them. It was like they knew in their hearts that he was their guardian angel.

After a couple of hours and five different mini-treatments, the puppies were good to go! After finally getting rid of the muck, he saw that all five of them were cute and very fluffy.
He fed them and made sure they had a warm place to sleep in his house. Their mum wasn’t with them anymore, which was sad, but Klaewka stepped in to help.
From a short-term shelter to a forever home

After Klaewka saved the puppies from the well, the plan was to put them up for adoption. But Klaewka and his family chose to take the puppies in.

People thought it was wrong to separate them because they were so cute and beautiful. Klaewka knew that!
Getting used to the fact that the family has grown by five people wasn’t hard; everyone fell in love with their new soft brothers and sisters right away!

We hope they have a great life together!

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