A good-hearted man named Jace was riding his bike to a basketball game when he saw something terrible on the side of the road.

It was a small dog that was in terrible shape and had obvious cuts all over her body.

She needed to be saved right away, but this kind man wasn’t able to do it right away. He couldn’t leave her there, so he called a few people and set up a time for someone to pick her up.

He did something kind that changed the course of this little dog’s life forever.

Getting the sweet little girl back

As soon as Jace called his mum, she brought the Mission Pawsible animal rescue team over to help save this sweet puppy.

When these people started to get close to the little girl, she told them not to. She was sleeping in a corner.

People were afraid of her, but they were determined not to leave her behind, so they made a plan to save her.

The first thing they did was start asking around to find out where she lived or if she had an owner. They were shocked to learn that this dog did have an owner, even though she was in terrible shape.

“She used to be a beautiful western breed puppy, but she wasn’t given the care that these animals need, so now she has dreadlocks, ticks, and fleas all over her body and is scared of most people.” In their Facebook post, Mission Pawsible said, “This is why people need to learn how to care for their pets in a way that is good for their minds and bodies.”
It’s likely that she had never taken a bath or met the right person to take care of her.

First, the people who came to help her tried to catch her by putting food in a box, but she was too smart for that.

They tried to get her to come when they came along on a bike for thirty minutes and were able to put a leash on her.

It was okay with the “owner” for us to take her. It broke my heart to see the sadness and confusion in Lexie’s eyes. Taking animals away from their owners is a terrible thing to do. The rescue wrote, “She may have dreadlocks and been ignored, but she still loves that man.”

She was upset, but she gradually cooled down because she must have known they were going to help her in some way.
The start of a beautiful new life

They took her to a veterinary centre, where she got a haircut and some tasty food.

They could fully see how bad her cuts and bruises were after the shave, but luckily, they were not too bad.

Her heart was still broken, and she was feeling down, but the staff at the vet clinic made it clear that she could get over her sadness and learn to trust again.

Just the right foster home or permanent home would let this pretty girl, whose name is now Lexie, calm down and slowly gain trust.

Good thing Lexie quickly found a new home, and her new mom was a great match for her.

Michelle Suminto, her new mom, fell in love with her right away. She was really trying to find another puppy to adopt because her first dog needed a friend.

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