Though there are many sad dog stories out there, this one is sure to make you cry.

The main character is Maru, the nicest dog. And I’m sure that if he could talk, he’d trade all the fame he got for a different life.

Maru lost ten years of his life because he was left alone and close to a dangerous cliff. He never gave up hope that tomorrow would be better, though.

Years of being alone and heartbreak

Maru’s story starts fourteen years ago, when he was just a puppy. His owner paid a lot of money to buy him when he was only a few months old and kept him in the family for four years. After that, my heart broke!
Since Maru was given to another owner, that owner chose to keep him on a leash outside. This sweetheart never in his wildest dreams thought he would spend most of his time locked up.

A short leash kept him in a small building that was also his home. Because it was so close to the edge, his life was in danger every day.

“We’ve seen a lot of stray dogs over the years, but this was one of the worst places we’ve seen them.” “The small building, which the dog thought was a house, was right next to a cliff,” the rescue team wrote on Instagram.
Maru had to live for years under a small metal sheet that served as a roof. The heavy rain and cold weather made him hide under there. He had to go to the toilet there too, which was sad.

When the good people at WEACT heard his story, they jumped right into a rescue mission. They were most shocked by the fact that Maru had been out there for years with no one to help him.

That they came too late made them feel terrible. Maru was already a senior, but in the past ten years he hadn’t had a single chance to learn what a cosy home really means.

As the heroes rushed towards him, scared for their lives, the strangest thing happened! Maru didn’t act mean or unfriendly when she saw them. Instead, she smiled and wagged her tail.

It seemed like he was trying to tell them how lonely and sad he was by how happy he was to have people around.
Light at the End of the Tunnel:

They quickly picked him up from a kennel and drove him to their place of business.

Maru was pretty scared on the ride to a new life, but once he got to the rescue, he didn’t want to worry about anything. A big bowl of dog food was brought to him, and he ate it all up in minutes.

Even though his hair didn’t show it, he was very hungry and skinny. Maru looked like he was too heavy because he had a lot of fur hanging off of him.

“The frizzy mess of fur that hung around his body looked like armour.” THEY WROTE.

After the cleaning, there was another loss.
Maru looked like a teeny-tiny boi when his knotted fur was finally cut off after 10 years. His weight was way too low. He needed to gain at least fifteen pounds to look right.

All over, you could see the marks that his hard life had left behind over the years. He had scars all over his body and many of his teeth were missing. The worst part was that Maru was found to have heartworms in stage 2.
Even so, he was so loving and friendly, and he was just glad to be away from that small, inadequate building.

Maru still has a long way to go, but the people who are taking care of him will do everything they can to help him. Their main goal right now is to keep this sweet soul as warm as they can.

It is an honour to help make Maru’s golden years special, and the WEACT team knows how to do it.

“WEACT is now going to be his family.” “We will do everything we can to make him happy in a safe and warm place,” they said.

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