A woman called the Rescuer Dog Rescue Shelter in Serbia early in the morning and sent video. She said she heard puppies in the trees next to the road. The founder of the rescue, Milan, went to the scene and saw a place with thick trees in the bushes. From behind some trees, he saw a pair of golden eyes.
Milan used food to get the Pit bull mix out of the trees. He saw that she didn’t have any fur around her neck, which meant she had been chained up for a long time.

Lucky for us, she was very soft. He looked through the trees and saw three puppies, but one of them had already died.

The mother dog wagging her tail watched as Milan took her kids and put them in a box. The nice girl seemed to know that she and her dogs were going somewhere safe.

She is given big bowls of food to eat at the rescue, and she eats it all up. She is also getting medicine to get rid of the bugs. She is also giving medicine to her babies. All of them will keep getting better and hopefully find homes. One thing is for sure, though: they won’t die like they would have if no one found them and saved them.

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