People often call dogs and cats “mortal enemies,” but they’re really not that much of a rivalry.

Menchetti et al.1 say that over 60% of family dogs and their feline friends sleep next to each other and play together. This means that more and more of them are living together.

On video, one of these sweet bonds between dogs and cats is shown reacting with great joy when the cat falls into the water. This dog does the coolest thing ever when it sees a cat in trouble.

He tries to get her off the wall first.

The video shows a cat fighting for her life in the water while half-submerged. She is holding on to something with all her strength. It was clear that she was scared and shocked as she tried to figure out how to get out.

Then, on the wall of what turns out to be a fish pond, a dog offers to help and tries to get his cat friend out.
At first, he tries to pull her out with his jaw, but as soon as he realises that won’t work, he jumps into the water without thinking about the risk!

Going into the water without thinking about how dangerous it could be

Quickly, he was out of the water, paddling with his cat friend on his back to get to safety. It’s not true that cats and dogs are enemies; he almost put his own life at risk to help a friend who was in trouble.

It only takes him a short time to reach the shore and get himself and the cat out into the water.

You can see that the cat was still shocked and trying to figure out what had happened for a short time. She jumps off the wall of the fishpond like nothing happened the next second, though!
Millions of people around the world were moved to tears when they saw this amazing rescue video. It quickly went viral on social media.

People were thrilled to see the doggo go out of his way to help his friend the cat, but some people wondered why the person who was filming the whole thing didn’t save either animal.

No matter what, this cat was finally safe, all thanks to a dog’s kind action of going for it. It doesn’t really matter if he was a well-trained jerk with great social skills or if it was just his natural nature!
It’s only important that neither the dog nor the cat is in any danger. I’m sure they stayed friends after that!

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