For sure, not every hero wears a cape! Some people, like Harley, only wear a smile.

The world heard about this brave Goldendoodle from Virginia because he stepped in to help when it mattered the most.

His owner, Ralph Dorn, saw this six-year-old dog swimming with an unknown animal for the kindest reason ever. The dog was about 200 feet from the shore.

Ralph realised that Harley wasn’t just swimming for fun as he got closer. He was in the middle of a rescue mission!

Harley rushed into action right away.

Ralph Dorn, who lived in Virginia, knew that Harley, his Goldendoodle, wasn’t like other dogs. He’s always been a cool dude who is incredibly smart and intuitive.
Harley still managed to surprise his man one more time when he jumped in to save a baby buck from becoming drown.

Ralph says, “Harley must have seen the fawn out in the water and acted right away.”

As soon as he saw the baby buck struggling to get out of the water, he acted quickly. He didn’t ask why or give it much thought before swimming towards the baby, who was about 200 feet from the shore at the time.

Going out on the water with a friend until they were safe

It wasn’t easy to help the fawn that was only a few days old. The baby wasn’t coordinated enough to find its way to the shore, so Harley had to lead her the whole way. But Harley was there, swimming like a pro and leading his new friend to the shore.

Ralph says, “It seemed like Harley would herd the fawn back to the shore every time it tried to turn away. They kept getting closer and closer.”
One thing is for sure: the baby would not have lived without Harley! Luckily, this Golden boi was able to get the fawn to land. As soon as they were dry, he began to lick the fawn’s body and care for it.
He was only checking to make sure the baby was safe. He didn’t want to leave it!

However, the fawn’s mother showed up on the yard right after it was saved. Ralph and Harley went inside as soon as they saw her and made sure the baby and mum could be together in peace.
A lovely friendship was formed.

Ralph thought that was the end of it, but Harley shocked him even more the next morning! He and his wife Patricia were drinking coffee when this Golden guy came up to them and began running from window to window.

Ralph couldn’t figure out why he wanted to go out. When he opened the front door to let Harley out, he saw the cutest thing ever.
Harley heard the little fawn bleating nearby. It was the same fawn that he had saved from the lake the day before. He ran quickly over to the baby, and the fawn stopped bothering him as soon as they were together.

They sniffed and wiggled their tails together for a few cute moments, but that was it. Harley was very happy to see his little friend when they got back to the house after their short meeting.


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