One woman went on TikTok to talk about how her fiance broke up with her in a big way and left her high and dry. Look at how she’s doing.

On TikTok, you can find both beautiful stories of love and heartbreaking stories of loss.

One woman went on TikTok to talk about how her fiancé broke up with her in a cruel and sudden way and how she’s getting back on her feet after he turned her life upside down.

Empty living room with white walls

Woman says her fiance broke up with her and took all of their belongings in a U-Haul.

Kass (@kassandramajesky) went on TikTok to talk about how her fiance broke up with her in a very harsh way and left her with nothing.

She said that they had been engaged for a year and that they were moving out of their apartment in southern Florida and into a new one. But a few days before the big move, Kass got home from work to a shocking sight.

Their living room was empty, and her fiance stood there with his dog on a leash. He then told her that they were no longer together.

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Outside, a U-Haul was full of all of their things, which he seemed to say were all his. He then gave her a two-page letter that explained why he didn’t think their relationship would last. He asked Kass for the ring back before he left. She told her no.

Kass said, “This guy didn’t even leave me a pillow to rest my head on.”

After he left, she called him and told him, “I’m literally homeless,” and criticized him for not giving her a place to sleep. He said he left a rug for her to sleep on.

Kass had a strong network of friends and family, so she was able to find a place to stay right away.

She kept her TikTok fans up to date on her life, and she even showed them the letter he sent her. She tried to stay upbeat because she thought that everything happens for a reason. She was able to find a new place to live in a few days.

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Kass talked to him for a short time and could tell that he was very upset with himself. She sent him old poems about him that she had written to make him feel important. He sent her $6 on Venmo for it, which was strange.

It’s safe to say that some of what he did on TikTok made people confused.

In a later film, Kass talked more about a strange thing that bothered him: the sound of people using their bodies. But Kass used to have to turn on the shower every time she went to the bathroom in their apartment to cover up the noise.

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Viewers hated him even more with every video. She told people not to try to find him online or hurt him.

In the end, Kass was completely blown away by how much love she had gotten from so many people on the internet. When people asked if they could send her money through Venmo, she said she had enough money and asked them to instead give to a women’s shelter near her.

Even though she was dealing with a lot of chaos, her kindness touched people.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone as upbeat and caring about other people as you. Your smile is contagious. “Stay strong,” one user wrote in a comment on one of her vids.

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“You are a beautiful person,” someone else wrote. You deserve so much better. I’m glad he left you so you can have the wonderful life you deserve!”

In short, most of the people on TikTok wanted her to know that this was actually a good thing. After a few days, Kass stopped him.

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Kass got in her car and said she was on her way to her new place in one of her more recent vids. She said, “I hope the next videos are mostly about fun adventures and finding out who I am again.”

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