Every dog in the world wants to be loved and cared for the way they earn it. We love our pets very much and do everything we can to give them the best life possible. The best part of our day is seeing them smile every morning when we wake up.

Everyone who owns a dog should really love them and want to see them happy. It’s sad that a lot of dogs are left behind by their owners, who should be the ones protecting them the most.

Today’s story is about Mica, a cute dog who was thrown away and left to lie on a blanket in a ditch. She curled up and hoped that someone would see her and bring her to safety because she was hungry and cold.

Finding Mica and saving her

Diana loves animals and often saves them. Her heart sank when she saw the scared puppy living alone in the ditch. She tried to convince her that everything would be okay by talking to her and kissing her.
Diana moved slowly and carefully towards her because she didn’t want to scare her away. She was able to keep her safe with a leash.
When she got to her car, the dog, whom she later named Mica, hid her face in her arms. Diana touched Mica gently to make her feel safe even though she was still shaking.

Samantha Dix, a friend who rescues dogs and started Street Life To The Sweet Life, told her right away that she would take her in.

Samantha and her husband George foster dogs through Lola’s Lucky Day, a Houston and Dallas, Texas-based non-profit that saves animals.

A Warm Foster Home

When Samantha saw Mica for the first time, she fell in love. The dog was a beautiful brindle colour, and its pants were white. She bathed her, which was very nice.

Mica was still a little scared, so her foster parents let her calm down for a while before letting her meet their other dogs.

At first, the cute dog was a little shy. Her new parents gave her soft kisses and lots of love. Mica took in all of their love and care.

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