The bonds we form with our pets can be very touching. It can be hard to figure out what your dog is trying to say when it does things. What does your dog mean when it doesn’t even talk to you in the same language? Luckily, there are many ways to tell if your dog really loves you. These are some.

Proof that your dog loves you

Your dog will never tell you how much they love you by writing you a letter or giving you a hug. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t showing love in the same ways. Nicole Ellis is a qualified dog teacher for Rover. She says there are many ways to tell if your dog loves you. Most of them are everyday things.
The fact that your dog’s tail is wagging is one of the most common signs that it loves you. Yes, dogs do wag their tails when they’re pleased. Ellis, on the other hand, says that if your dog wags its tail when you walk in the room, that means it loves you. It’s been proven that dogs make us live longer, so you’ll see a lot of tail wags over the years.

Another clear sign that your dog loves you is when they try to get your attention. Ellis says that when a dog tries to get your attention, you can tell that it loves you. As a way to get your attention, they might ask for belly rubs, regular pets, or even to park. That’s a sign that your dog loves you if it tries to get your attention.
Happy to see you and dog kisses

It’s also easy to tell when your dog is happy to see you. If you have a dog, you’ve probably come home from the store to wide eyes and happy dances from your pet. When you walk into a room, if your dog acts like this or seems really happy to see you, Ellis says that your dog loves you.
Giving you a kiss is another great way to tell if your dog loves you. You might not always enjoy having dog slobber on your cheek, but if your dog kisses you when you come home, you can be sure that it loves you very much.

Being open and sleeping close to you

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to find your dog sound asleep next to your bed? Even though it might be a pain to go to the toilet at night, this is another great sign that your dog loves you. Ellis says that when a dog sleeps or relaxes next to you, it’s a sign that they can’t stand to sleep away from you.
Just like people, dogs need to trust someone before they can be honest with them. Rolling over is one of the main ways dogs show that they trust and are open with a person. This is a good sign that your dog loves you.

Dogs will also often check in on the people they care about. That could mean calling you during a work call. There are times when they may have to wait at the toilet door for you to leave. These things show that your dog cares about you and loves you.
Your dog may also love you if they look at you or give you gifts.

Have you ever had your dog bring you a toy or drop a dirty sock on the ground? Either one of two things is true. Either your dog wants to play or it’s giving you something as a gift. Both of these things mean that your dog loves you and wants you to be a part of its life. Toss the ball when your dog drops it at your feet next time. That will make them love you even more.

For the last easy-to-read sign that your dog loves you, look them in the eyes. Ellis says that nervous dogs not only don’t trust their owners but also find it hard to look at them. If you’ve worked with your partner for a while and they trust you, they won’t mind meeting your eyes and keeping them. They can also look at you with such love.

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