When some caring people in South Bend, Indiana saw a scared puppy running around and looking for a safe place to stay, they decided right away to help.

People in the group tried to get close to the cute dog, but the puppy got scared and ran away quickly.

People, on the other hand, saw something sad before the dog ran away: his mouth was zip-tied shut.

Once the searchers knew this, they knew they had to move quickly.

Help with Rescue

The determined humans thought that calling the South Bend Police for help would be the best thing to do.
Luckily, the cops came right away, and a police officer named Stephanie Northcutt arrived at the scene.

There was a zip-tie on the dog’s collar that told her it didn’t trust humans. She thought this was probably because the dog had been abused in the past.

Northcutt chose to get down on the dog’s level and talk to him in a gentle way, telling him there was nothing to be scared of.

The dog came up to Officer Northcutt close enough for her to pet him because this was a good way to get scared dogs to trust you.

The cop was then able to cut the dog’s zip tie and set it free.

Northcutt’s body cam caught the whole rescue:
But true love was born that day, and only the puppy and Northcutt knew it.

It Was Love at First Sight

Officer Northcutt felt a strong bond with this poor dog while he was saving him.

“Officer Northcutt said she knew the moment she saw the dog that he was the right one for her family,” the South Bend Police Department wrote on Facebook.
With the name Zeus, this puppy was finally with people who cared about him.
Officer Northcutt took Zeus in and made him part of her loving family after they spent some time together.

Once he couldn’t open his mouth, the puppy can now smile from ear to ear!
This is the second time this great officer has taken in a street dog.

“Zeus is the second dog that Officer Northcutt has saved from a bad situation while on duty. It was a joke that cops should stop calling her for animal calls because her house would soon be too small for them all!” The police force wrote; Last Word

To find out what happened to this dog, the South Bend Police Department is motivated.

“The investigation into what happened with Zeus’ zip tie is still going on.” For now, though, Zeus, good luck and enjoy your new house!”

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