I felt terrible when I saw a picture of Norman, an old, dumb dog who had been abused, starved, and left in a parking lot. But after reading Norman’s story, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Norman, who was 11 years old, was found in Indiana by a kind stranger. He was covered in fleas and sores and very thin. Norman was severely undernourished and very thirsty, so he had no energy, was sleepy, and couldn’t even walk or lift his head.

Someone was kind and called Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO), which went to help the dog who had been beaten and was going hungry.

Their hard work paid off, and now Norman lives with Susan Niehoff forever. She fell in love with the old boy right away.

This is Norman, almost a year after he was saved.

Norman has stiffness in his back legs, which makes it hard for him to move around. Norman even got a wheelchair as a gift to help him get around, which he is loving. Sue Niehoff said, “He wants to go places; he’s happy now that he can go places.”

Suzanne writes, “On July 21, I met a completely skinny and scared dog that had been kicked, starved, ignored, and neglected.” He paced the floor and screamed when someone touched him. I gave him the name Norman, even though he can’t hear it. Poor guy, he had so many unchecked ear infections that he lost his hearing.
“He was constantly hungry for the first couple of months and had a severe fear of food.” I gave him space, but I also tried to connect with him. She wrote, “He soon learned to trust me, and now he loves being loved.” Nolan is about eleven years old, but he acts like he’s a puppy. He makes me, my family, and my friends so happy.

It’s like “velcro” between Norman and Susan now.

As of now, Norman has died since this story was written. FIDO wrote that they were thankful that Susan took care of Norman and loved him during his last years.

“Norman was a gentle old soul who would sit quietly while kids petted and cuddled him,” the rescue wrote. The only times he barked were when he thought his dinner was taking too long or when Susan got home later than normal. If Susan made him wait, he would “scold” her. We’re so thankful that Susan took this sweet boy in and made sure that his last days were filled with peace, love, warmth, and company.

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