Rescuers answered an emergency call on New Year’s Eve and found the dog frozen to the ground after being hit by a car. The dog amazingly lived.

The Flint, Michigan 911 dispatch centre called Streehearts Animal Rescue to report that the dog had been hit by a car and had been lying in a woman’s garden for more than 24 hours in the freezing cold.

“When we got there, the tracks in the fresh snow proved that story,” Streethearts Animal Rescue wrote on GoFundMe. It was a big surprise when the dog turned out to be a Golden Retriever mix instead of a pit bull because this was a bad part of Flint.

Bill Heatley came to help and found the dog stuck to the ground. He had to peel the dog off to free him.

“The dog was muzzled and ready to be moved after being checked for signs of trauma.” At that point, Heatley, the first person to arrive, saw that the dog was frozen to the ground. All the snow that was touching it had melted, making a wall of ice. The rescues said, “The dog had to be pulled up from the ground.”
“It was found out what a good character this boy really had.” “He barely made a sound.” Because of how friendly the dog is, hunters think he is a pet and not a stray.

Even though Heatley saw that the dog had hurt his leg badly, he was more worried about how he would handle the cold.

Heatley said, “Thank goodness, Feliz (now with a name) seemed to have miraculously avoided the core freezing that we had been worried about.” “This boy was always calm and collected, taking everything in stride.”

It has been proven by veterinarians that Feliz’s hip is broken. The damage will need to be fixed with a special surgery. After a few days of medical care, Feliz gave the people who came to help him pause. Liza hasn’t eaten anything, not even a piece of dry or soft food. “He seems to be in a good mood,” Heatley said. “We will send the x-rays we have, but an orthopaedic surgeon will need more specific and detailed x-rays of the injury to make a more accurate diagnosis.”

Later, Heatley told everyone that Feliz did take some food from the hand of a vet tech and that the dog would be fed to get stronger.
They want to get Feliz back with his owner, but if that doesn’t work out, they will find him a good home.

Heatley says that Feliz is not the first dog that the group has saved from the cold in the past few weeks, and not all of them have been as lucky.

He writes on Facebook, “There is no reason at all for any animal to be outside.” More very cold weather is coming to the East Coast of the United States, so he is telling cat owners to bring their animals inside.


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