As strays walk the streets, their hearts beat fast with hope that their luck will soon change.

They want nothing more than to have a safe place to live and family that loves and cares for them.

Betsy was one of those lost dogs who really wanted to be loved and cared for. She had always wanted it.

She knew she had to ask people for help when she got hurt one day. As she walked around the neighbourhood, her heart took her to a family’s door that she had never seen before.

Because she was hurt and tired, she curled up in front of their house and begged them to help her.

Wanting to meet good people

April and Joe Sullivan were shocked to see a black dog sitting on their porch when they opened their front door. The sad look in her eyes was the first thing they saw. It looked like the dog was going to give up.
The Sullivans tried to make the dog feel better by petting her. Sadness filled their hearts when they saw that the doggie was hurt and couldn’t walk on her own.

They also had their child there. It was clear from the start that they could let down their guard around sweet Betsy because Joe had taught her to be careful around dogs she didn’t know.

Betsy seemed different. She bent down to pet her and licked her even though she was sick. She wasn’t anything. April said, “That’s so sweet.”
When their granddaughter saw that Betsy liked her, her heart melted. She was spellbound by the cute dog and couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

Bessy gets the care and help she needs.

Following Betsy’s meal, her family chose to take her to the vet. She felt safe in Joe’s arms. As he carried her to his car, he kissed her deeply. The dog was safe.

Even though Joe and April didn’t know how Betsy got hurt, they thought a car had hit her. They also knew the puppy would need a forever home once she got better.

Betsy had a full checkup at the vet, and the doctor told the Sullivan family that she had nerve damage and would need a lot of care.

Bessy went home with Joe. He and his wife took care of her and held her. They told her they loved her a lot.

Getting the love she wanted

Bettsy loved being loved and was thankful for all the care and love her family gave her. Her tongue licked their faces and her lips were soft. She wanted them to know that she loved them too.

April fell in love with the sweet dog, and she and her husband decided that Betsy would live with them forever. Joe said that the first time he saw Betsy, he wanted to keep her. His only goal was to find a way for it to work.

The other dogs in the family don’t usually get along with other puppies, but they let Betsy join their pack.
“Our dogs don’t like other dogs most of the time.” She really likes our dogs. “They don’t love her as much as she loves them, but they get along so well, which doesn’t happen very often with our dogs,” April said.

Betsy had an amazing comeback thanks to the great care her family gave her. She can climb and descend the stairs by herself.

It made the Sullivans very happy to see that Betsy had changed into a happy dog who loved life.

It makes me so happy to know that Betsy’s biggest wish came true. The love she didn’t have while she was living on the streets was due to her. Betsy will never be alone again.

Many thanks for your kind words. I hope that all lost dogs are taken in and find their forever home. All stray dogs deserve to be loved and cared for the same way.

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