A lot of lost animals walk the streets looking for help, even if it’s just a little food and love. The sad truth is that not many people stop to help.

It breaks my heart to see animals being left alone all the time while some kind people do everything they can to help.

Because of this, it’s important to praise the good things and honour the people who risk their lives to save little animals that didn’t deserve to be thrown out on the street.

You may have heard of Stray Rescue of St. Louis if you live in Missouri. Some animals that were lost, abandoned, or not cared for were given a second chance at happiness because of them.

One of them was this little baby with a broken leg. Like many others before him, his luck changed when these kind people came to help.

What You Need To Do

This cute little puppy with a broken leg was hiding in the trees behind a house that had been left empty.

After running away from the dangerous streets because he was scared and hurt, he hid in the woods.

It’s possible that no one would have ever found him without the help of a kind man and his very smelly dog.
He was still very young.

This kind person was walking his dog when all of a sudden, the dog started barking at the trees, which wasn’t like her at all.

That’s when the man went over to it and saw the cute little face begging for help.

The man quickly picked him up, held him in his arms, and carried him to safety, where he kept him safe until Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived.

Donna Lochmann from the rescue didn’t waste any time saving this sweet little baby.

A happy face and a tail that wags
Even though he had been in terrible pain for who knows how long, the puppy, who was later called BlondeBo, was so happy when someone came to save him.

His tail was moving at 100 miles per hour, but his front leg was in pretty bad shape. BlazeBo couldn’t walk, so Donna picked him up and took him to the car.
BlondeBo thanked the person who found him and the dog for their help, and they left to go to the emergency room.

They were lucky that they could save his leg.

“At first, we thought he might have to lose his leg because moving it around was hurting his nerves. But after a while, he started to feel better and use the leg more. “We are going to keep an eye on him and see how much use he can get back in that leg,” Stray Rescue of St. Louis wrote on Facebook.
After one week in the hospital, BlondeBo was told he could leave and continue his rehab at a medical foster home.

His foster mum said he loved rolling around in the grass and could walk, though he was doing it a little awkwardly.

This cute little animal can now have the happy and loving life he’s always wanted thanks to these kind people.

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