A Pit Bull and an adult Flemish giant rabbit aren’t the first animals that come to mind as best friends. But that’s what took place at Mindy Hayes’ house.

This proves that it’s NOT the breed that makes them great. Grace was first used for fighting. She was then tied to a tree for an unknown amount of time, then to The Anna Shelter, and finally to me. She was only ten months old. She is now a crazy, fun, loving girl.

Hayes didn’t think Grace was so crazy or wild that she could hurt Sophie, the rabbit she brought home last year. However, she still took things slowly.
Sophia and Grace were carefully introduced to each other at first, but Hayes soon saw that the two had an instant bond. “After they sniffed each other, they just got along,” she told the Dodo.

They now sleep on the couch together every day. Sophie doesn’t seem to mind at all when Grace grooms her.

“Grace would groom Sophie until she is sopping wet if I let her!” Hayes adds.

Friends and acquaintances of Hayes are amazed at how well the dog and bunny get along and love spending time together. But Hayes doesn’t find it strange because he says both Grace and Sophie are happy, friendly, and loving to everyone. “The bond between these two can’t be broken,” she writes.

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