Some good people heard one day that a poor little puppy had been found by itself on a small hill. These dog lovers were miles away from that place, but they didn’t waste any time getting there. They ran there right away.

They saw a pretty white puppy shaking and curled up under an old tree when they finally got there. As they got closer, they saw that he was crying twice. He was really sad.

His story didn’t end there; his heart would soon be whole again.

Broken Heart

When the rescues got closer, they fed the puppy out of kindness. What a tasty little sausage they gave him! He ate it right away. A bit of hope could be seen in his eyes, even though he still looked sad. He might have meant to say “thank you.”
After he put food away, they got even closer to look at him. They saw that he had lost most of his hair because of the bad eczema, and there were small cuts on his back and both eyes.

When these good people saw that he needed help right away, they acted right away. But at first, it wasn’t easy because the poor dog didn’t trust them yet and was still shaking with fear.

But he was so tired that he couldn’t run very far, so it was easy for them to put him in a foam box and let him rest. They also put food out for him in a bowl so he could eat and get the energy he needed.

They used a small amount of bug spray on him while he was in the crate to get rid of the ants on his fur. It also cleaned his cuts, which was a bonus.

Very quickly, this puppy looked a lot better and his energy began to return in small amounts. Besides, he was happier and ran around their legs, which showed that he was beginning to trust them.

Even though they tried to grab him and bring him with them, he scared away and ran away. In the afternoon, they chose to stay with him longer in the hopes of winning him over, but it didn’t work out.
They picked to leave him in a box with food and water since it was getting dark and come back in the morning to get him.

The next morning, when the sun finally came up, they went back to where the puppy was. When they got there, he was already there and greeted them with a big smile.

They were able to win his trust in the end, and he was soon in the arms of one of his rescues. He was put in the car with the foam box, and they were finally able to start the long trip home.

They had to stop at a house along the road because their city was a long way away. They were given a small room to sleep in by the people there. After being in the car for five hours, the puppy was glad to get to the room and rest.

When they got to the third floor, where the room was, the puppy was hungry again, so they made some dog food for him. The food they brought was still a good amount, though, and the puppy was happy to eat it all.
The people who saved the dog used their shirts as pillows for it to sleep on, and they put on their thickest clothes to keep it warm. The puppy got a good night’s sleep, so the next morning he was ready for the second part of the trip.

They went on a trip that could last up to seven hours after the puppy woke up. Even though the hard drive was broken, it was all worth it because he was home.

Oh, Sweet Home
In the afternoon, when they got home, they quickly brought the dog inside to rest and made him some good food. They also bought him a very thick cotton bed and some other things he would need for daily life.

He was grateful for everything these kind people gave him, but his new, warm bed was his favourite thing. Because he had never slept in such a nice place before, it was kind of easy to see why.
However, he didn’t just lie in his favourite bed and sleep; he also showed his happy and fun side. He was jumping and running all over the house all the time, and his extreme interest led him to every room.

The people who came to help him mostly told him to go outside to the porch and lay down in the sun. His skin got better with the help of the sun. That, along with bathing and taking care of the dog’s skin every day, totally changed this beautiful dog.

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