When you hear about some dogs, their stories make you cry so hard! Tyson is one of those dogs!

I couldn’t think straight for hours after hearing this tough, old dude’s story for the first time. This New York City jerk was found in an apartment next to his dead owner. He had been there for five days, according to the people who found him.

It was all I could think about how he was. Was he scared? How long did it take him to realise he was by himself in the world?

It wasn’t clear to Tyson what was going on, but he knew something wasn’t right. And when it was time for this guy to leave his house and go out, his heart broke into a million pieces…

Tyson’s Heartbreaking Past

Tyson was without a doubt one of the saddest and most upset dogs I have ever seen. When the good people from Brooklyn, New York’s Twenty Paws Rescue showed up to pick him up, he went right into his box and wouldn’t come out.

He was scared and lonely that he couldn’t get out. They knew that time was the only thing that could heal a broken heart, though.

They let Tyson know they weren’t going to hurt him for a long time. He finally let them take him out of the place he had lived for a long time.
Tyson was having a hard time, so it must have been very hard to see his owner die. He was told that he had anaemia and a broken heart. He wouldn’t eat or play with other dogs, and he spent the whole time in his crate.

This sad dog needed someone to understand how he felt, and Laura was that person.

The TPR team found Tyson the best foster mum. Laura did everything she could to calm down this big guy. She has been volunteering for a long time and really loves dogs. And it looked like she had made a lot of progress after a few days!
Tyson started eating right after she was kind to him and gave him just the right amount of love and care. He even kissed and cuddled his new mommy very softly and almost all the time.

Following some time, Tyson began to play outside with other dogs. As time went on, this older dog slowly came out of his shell, showing that he was finally ready to trust another person.

Sarah is the one.
The TPR team tried to get in touch with Tyson’s owner’s family, but no one was able to take him in.

Then a woman named Sarah showed up! Someone who really cares about animals called out to TPR and offered to give Tyson a forever home. It was the best idea ever!

While she was still inside the building, Tyson fell in love with her right away!
“He’s been through a lot, and you always hope the best for them.” One of the helpers, Rachel, says, “But when they first hit it off like this, it’s just a beautiful feeling.”

A woman in a mask pet a dog that is lying on the couch.

He got so soft in Sarah’s arms that he welcomed her with open paws and heart.

“I’ll miss him a lot.” Still, it’s so sweet. She says, “Seeing him happy just makes me so happy.”
It made me cry to see Tyson find “the one” after going through so much pain. Rachel and Laura cried tears of joy because they were so happy that this wonderful dog had found a forever home.

It makes me happy to welcome him into my life and see him become more at ease as he realises that this is my last stop. “This is my home and where I live now,” says Sarah.

That’s right, Tyson has finally picked up where he left off and is now on a great trip with his new mum.

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