There was a Cane Corso dog named Bear who lived in Mobile, Alabama, and his head was stuck in a plastic box for almost a YEAR.

Because he was so scared, he wouldn’t even let anyone get close to him, which made it harder to save him.

The nets didn’t work on the bear either because he was too big.

Officers from the City of Mobile Animal Services and the Mobile County Animal Shelter worked together to save this big boy. It looks like this was the biggest rescue mission in Mobile.

A Plan to Save the Bear

Over the course of a few months, the Cane Corso dog, who was later called Bear, was seen walking around Alabama streets with a big plastic box on his head several times.
People can find trash cans like this outside of restaurants and parks. The box looked like the top of one of those. This poor bear got his head stuck in some trash while probably looking for food.

It was amazing that he lived for so long with that big box on his head, which must have made it hard for him to eat and drink properly.

After months of going around with the box on his head, a kind-hearted person in the City of Mobile finally told the authorities. They quickly set up a big rescue operation.

The people from the animal rescue and animal control were finally able to take the box off of Bear’s head with the help of this great group.

They were able to take off the box, but they weren’t able to put a leash on him in time, and Bear ran away in fear. They weren’t giving up, though.

The big effort that needed many people to work together finally caught Bear and took him to the city’s shelter.
“Everyone on staff adores him and treats him like a king.” Someone who helped with the rescue, Martin Miller, wrote on social media, “He is very sweet and has a long happy life ahead of him.”

A lot of people heard about Bear’s rescue mission, but for the first few days, he was on a stray hold and not ready to be adopted.
During his time at the shelter, Bear really came out of his shell. He became friendly with a worker who then chose to put in for Bear’s adoption.
Bear has become a member of the Miller family, and he loves his new dad, Martin Miller.

Bear has never been alone before, but he will never be alone again. The great thing about this adoption is that Bear will still be close to the shelter and rescue groups that spent a lot of time with him.
Bear is also now an advocate for the City of Mobile Animal Services. He and his new dad will spend the days at the shelter encouraging people to adopt stray animals.

Many people have been moved to tears by his situation, but we hope that Bear will only experience happiness from now on.

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