Tragedies of all kinds can happen to us in this cruel world. Death of a loved one is one of the worst things that can happen.

Then our whole world falls apart, and the next part of our lives seems so hard. But sometimes, in the midst of the darkness, there is a spark of light in the form of friendship that never fails to heal even the deepest wounds.

Today’s story shows that friendly love can be so strong that it can bring life back to people.

A terrible loss

Animal lovers Karla Swindle have never tried to hide how much they love them. At one point in her life, this made her want to open S & K Quarter Horses Farm in Fayette, Alabama, to take care of horses and other animals.

She has heard many stories, both happy and sad, about animals over the years she has worked with them. But one stood out in her heart more than the rest.
In March, a mare who was 22 years old gave birth to a foal. The story of the mother and child’s love should have been another happy one, but seven days later, the mare got very sick and died quickly.

The foal was broken because of the loss and had no one to depend on at such a young age. Everything smelled like a mess.

But the love and support he needed so badly came from a place he didn’t expect it.

An Unexpected Shoulder to Cry On: After the mother died, Swindle made sure to spend some time in the barn with the baby to help her get through it.

She wasn’t expecting her dog, Zip, to show up with her that night. Zip didn’t want to leave, which made her happy. As it turned out, he wanted to stay and sleep with Tye, the foal’s name.

Swindle told him, “He was whining.” “Zip knew something wasn’t right that night.”

Zip was sure that Tye was upset about the death of his mother, so he wanted to do everything he could to help him feel better.

Karla was moved to tears when she saw this, and she was the only sound in the barn that night besides crying and whining. There were tears of joy and tears of sadness in that unique mix.

But not everything stopped that emotional night. Plus, Zip wouldn’t let Tye out of his sight for the next six weeks, which was even more amazing.
Cute fail with a dog
Karla Swindle is the source.
Swindle said, “Every time I went to the barn, Zip would run to the stall, stand in front of the stall and wait for me.” “He always got to the barn before me.”
Tye put on weight over the next few months, turned into a beautiful, healthy horse, and got over all the pains he had in his early years.

Zip, Tye’s foster dad, was no doubt very proud of all of this. He was the main reason why Tye was doing so well.

Naturally, their paths took a different turn. Tye now spends most of his time learning how to act like a real horse with his bigger sister.
That being said, Zip knew this very well and was glad that his favourite foal was on the right path.

Some parts of their hearts still beat for each other even though they didn’t spend as much time together.

This sweet story of friendship quickly got around Fayette, but it didn’t stop there. Karla quickly won over thousands of hearts in the U.S. and around the world when she shared a video of these two on her Facebook page.

This dog and horse, who were very different from each other, showed everyone how powerful love and friendship can be.


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