Many good people know how badly things are for lost dogs and do everything they can to help them every day. This time, it was the same when they saw a hungry dog on a nearby road that was empty.

While they were walking, she came running up from behind. Right away, they saw that she was very hungry and begged to be fed. They bought food at a nearby grocery store.

These nice people put the food in a bowl for her and brought it to her. While she was eating, two of her friends joined her and ate until they were full. She then walked over to them, sat down, and thanked them with a bow.

Oh, poor little cuties

Their hearts were full of happiness because they had done something good, but her strange look caused them trouble. She seemed like she had something to say to them, like there were still some poor people who needed their help.
They were sorry that they couldn’t stay there longer because of work, but they planned to go see her again the next morning.

They rushed to that place as soon as they woke up the next morning and met her on the same road.

And again, they bought her and her friends food. But they were also eagerly anticipating what this dog had to “say” to them. After she was done eating, they followed her to a harbour that was empty.
They saw six little creatures far away who were thrilled to see her. Those were her kids, and it was clear that the little ones needed help.

While they were there, they patted them for a while. But in the end, they had to go to work. However, these kind people didn’t want to give up on this family, so they chose to return that night to save these poor souls.
Once the rescues were done, they went back to the scene of the crime right away with everything they had to help this sweet little family.

What a shock!

When they got there, the mother dog was already there waiting for them. Following that, she took them to an empty house not far away.

They finally found the puppies that were just lying there. The poor kids curled up on the cold ground and went to sleep. They woke up quickly when they saw them, though, and were very scared.

The people who came to save them slowly won their trust so that it would be easier for them to take the puppies to their home to get better. That’s why they spent the night with them.
The people who came to help thought things would go well with the mother, but the next morning she shocked them. She and one of her puppies got away, so they were only able to save five of them.

Although they were upset, they had no choice but to bring those five pups to their home and give them the best care possible.
When they finally got home, they made milk for the puppies right away. They picked them all up and gave them a little milk.

The puppies were then checked out by a doctor, who said none of them had any major health problems. Dermatitis, which made their skin hurt a lot, was the only thing that worried them.

Luckily, the vets knew what to do, and the puppies felt better quickly. They were still upset about one thing, though: they missed their mother a lot.

They Came Back for Her

The people who saved the puppies went back to the empty house to look for the mother dog while the puppies were getting better. Even though they found her pretty fast, she still didn’t want to talk to them.

But after a few tries, they were finally able to get the last puppy to fall into their trap. She almost went inside to get him, but in the end she turned her head and ran away again.
She was no longer being looked for because the people who came to help were too worried about the puppy’s health. When they saw that he hurt his neck, they had to take him to the doctor right away.

The puppy quickly started to get better after the vet recommended the right treatment. It worked for the other puppies too, and they were on their way to a new, better life.
While that was going on, the searchers found the mother dog again and now bring her food every day. She didn’t want to go with them for some reason, which was too bad.

Unfortunately, this broke their hearts, but the big smiles on all six puppies’ faces made them feel better. They were ready for a fresh start because it meant they were fully healed.

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