Lana, a puppy, was found walking around a mountain by herself.

She was in terrible shape. She couldn’t walk because she was covered in mud, and she was hungry.

The people who came to help her were looking for food when they found her. Her luck was about to change, though.

Finally Saved

Lana was picked up right away by rescues and taken to their van, where she was given some tasty food that she ate right away.
When she was done eating, she was taken to the vet for a full checkup.

She was given an IV at the vet. Lana kept having convulsions, which are sudden, uncontrolled muscle twitches that make the body shake and move limbs. She finally passed out.
The people who saved Lana stayed up all night many times to take care of her.

To keep her body temperature stable, they did everything they could, like using hot water bags and warmer bags.

They told Lana’s rescuers that they had given up hope and that it was likely she wouldn’t make it.
Miracle Dog

Lana spent six days at the vet before being picked up by someone who cared for her.

Lana’s health started to get better after two weeks. She was able to walk, run, and even play after getting up. Her saviour was thrilled to see how well she had recovered.
Lana could play with other dogs because the person who saved her had other puppies to care for. This made her want to get better even more.

Lana fully changed into a beautiful adult doggo after a couple of months.

It’s even possible for her to find a loving forever home that showers her with love and attention every day.
Lana no longer has to worry about finding food and a place to stay because she lives in a loving home.

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