It’s sad that it’s not unusual to see a lost dog fighting alone on the street these days. It’s even more upsetting to see a pretty white puppy that is both lost and tied to a pole by the road.

One young white Husky that was found on the streets of Santa Monica, California, had the same thing happen to it. Not only was he tied down all the time, but homeless people were also harassing him every day, which was very bad.

But this brave six-month-old puppy didn’t take off his smile, and he didn’t give up hope that someone would come along and save him one day.

Taken off the streets and saved

One day, this white Husky called Buckley finally woke up to a happy morning. A neighborhood saviour was walking by at the exact time that Buckley was having the hardest times.

She was shocked when she saw him—such a beautiful being had been stuck to a fence in the street for so long.

She did not wait for a second, but acted right away. Soon, this puppy was in the safe care of the experienced rescuers from Love Leo Rescue. When the rescue workers met him, they were amazed by how strong and happy this dog was, no matter what.

“Buckley is a great dog,” Sasha Abelson, head of Love Leo Rescue, told The Dodo. “His lovely personality hasn’t been changed by the bad things that happened to him in the past….”
They gave him lots of love so that all of his wounds could heal quickly. He responded with an amazing amount of good energy that made everyone at the centre smile, including the staff and volunteers.
They were lucky that Buckley didn’t stay at the rescue centre for long because they quickly found him a foster home.

He could finally start his new life.

On the way to a new life
It broke Angela’s heart to hear Buckley’s sad story on the streets of Santa Monica, California. So she chose to take him in and raise him as her own child.

They became close right away, and Buckley quickly got used to his new life with his foster family. When he was able to keep a smile on his face even though things were hard, this new world was like a little paradise for him.
As Abelson put it, Buckley is a normal, happy-go-lucky husky. “He loves to learn new things and play with his dog friends.” His favourite things to do are walks and cuddling with his people. He would make a great family dog.

Another great thing Buckley did was something nice for his foster mom. He was the real cure for her soul’s wounds.

“Buckley is a really great dog!” He is our foster child and has helped me get better from PTSD. “It turns out that some of the things I need are the same things he does,” Angela wrote in an Instagram post.

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