It’s great when a happy dog in a shelter finally finds a new family and a forever home, but it’s sad to see a dog fighting to get adopted.

There are a lot of protected dogs who have this problem. It gets even worse when their friends at the Centre leave, leaving them pretty lonely.

Get to know Chauncey.

Chauncey is where the story starts. She is very shy, but she is sweet and playful. The Spartanburg Humane Society took her in.

It was a place she often went to see her friends leave with their new families. There was a hole in the door where she could see them go.

The rescue staff didn’t know why no one wanted to accept Chauncey.

The CEO of the Spartanburg Humane Society, Angel Cox, told The Dodo, “Chauncey is very shy at first until she gets to know you.” Because there were so many dogs and people at the rescue all the time, she just stood there and watched the world go by.

They all felt terrible about what was happening to her, so they spent a lot of time with her. They did things with her like walk, pet, and give her food.

People who worked with and helped Cox said she loved being held and walked by them. She walks well on a leash, so the volunteers really liked her.
Even though it looked like she wouldn’t be able to find anyone, a family took her in. Chauncey spent some time with the new family and learned what it’s like to have a place to live.

It didn’t work out for her, though, so her new family took her back to the rescue.

A Bright New Tomorrow

Only because the staff at Spartanburg wouldn’t give up did Chauncey get a second chance at life.

The workers wouldn’t accept her situation, so they wrote about Chauncey on Facebook to try to find her a new partner.

Soon after, another family saw the post about her and chose to adopt her.

This time, she charmed the new family right away, and they knew she was the one they were looking for.

Cox told her, “She sold herself right away.” The dogs fell in love with her because she is so sweet.

The rescue staff and clients were all so happy when she found her forever home and was finally happy.

Chauncey had a hard time because she was shy, but she never gave up hope. More people will be inspired by her story to not overlook the quiet dog when they are looking to adopt one.


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