A moving story happened when a police officer from the Detroit Police Department found a helpless Pit Bull sitting on a porch in the freezing cold and saved it.

Without thinking twice, Officer Eric McCombs saved this poor person from her dangerous situation. He became a hero for his kind actions.

It breaks my heart to think that someone would leave such a cute animal to suffer in the cold, but unfortunately this happens a lot in the Detroit area.

Luckily, passionate people like officer McCombs make sure that stories of rescue and kindness keep going, even when things are really hard.

Pit Bull Lost in -20° Wind Chill

In the middle of the night, Officer McCombs was on watch and saw a poor dog stuck outside in the cold on a chain that had gotten caught on a door.
This police officer didn’t even think twice about saving this poor girl because he loves dogs so much.
“When I saw her, I thought, ‘This can’t be.'” He told The Dodo, “I didn’t even think; I was just like, ‘I need to save this dog.'”

On that particular night in Detroit, the Windchill dropped to -20 degrees, which is very harsh and cold for a dog to be outside all the time.

“I was mad because they meant to do it.” Who would do this? “Someone thought, ‘I’ll chain this dog to a porch and leave her there until she dies of hunger,'” officer McCombs said.
The dog was not only cold, but she was also very hungry. The fact that she happily ate the treats they gave her showed how badly she needed food and warmth.

It was clear from the way she looked that she hadn’t eaten in a while.
Ice burns were on the tips of her ears. After putting her in the car with my partner, we were like, “What do we do next?” “We had to take her to an animal shelter in the end,” McCombs said.

In the end, they took the dog to Detroit Animal Care and Control.

One of the cops, though, couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Beginnings with joy

Officer McCombs couldn’t help but think that she earned more than just a kennel box while she was at the rescue.

Her life should have been good. But who was going to give it to her?

It wasn’t long before officer McCombs realized he loved this sweet little girl, who he later named Sweet Pea. He made the decision to adopt her.
He asked Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue for help, and this is what they wrote on Facebook:

“A police officer couldn’t stop thinking about her, so he called us. Today, we went and grabbed her.” We are going to take care of all of her medical needs, and then her hero, DPD Officer McCombs, will adopt her!”

Even though Eric already had a dog named Homer, he knew in his heart that he had to save this girl. “It was a unique moment.” Double everything: the food, the vet, and everything else. “I had to,” Moore said.

When Sweet Pea moved into her new home, she didn’t know how to stay inside. She wouldn’t eat peanut butter, jump on the couch, or even the bed.

What she really needed was some time, which she got.
Soon, Sweet Pea learned to enjoy the good things in her new life and enjoy the love and care that were all around her.

She is now living her dream life and her life on the streets of Detroit is becoming a faraway memory.

Really a Hero

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