Every day, we read a lot of stories about how brave police officers are, even though their job is one of the most dangerous in the world. People like these are brave and work around the clock to make sure we are safe.

They’re not just there for people, though. It can be just as satisfying to save dogs and other animals and keep them safe. There is also sometimes a happy finish that makes everyone feel better.

The Auguste Maine Police Station told one of these stories about a stray and hurt puppy that really needed their help.

A call for help that will change the officer’s life
Sara Rogers, an officer with the Augusta Police Department, got a call on July 16, 2020, to help a hurt dog that had been left on the streets of Augusta, Maine’s capital city.

As a puppy lover, Sara always felt bad for puppies in bad situations, so it wasn’t hard for her to quickly get ready and rush to help the little one.

Her first thing she did when she got to ‘the scene of the crime’ was carefully put the puppy in the passenger seat and quickly take her to the vet to check out her injuries.
The cop and her coworkers did everything they could to find the owner while the vets did their work. It was too bad that it didn’t work. Or, thanks to luck… we’ll see.

The vet asked Officer Rogers if he could watch over the puppy all night until the staff at the Kennebec Humane Society got to work. Sara said that was fine. It was like she knew something great was going to happen.

An important moment of unbreakable bonding

Officer Rogers often checked on the dog while she was on her night job. She was already close to her heart, so she tried to spend as much time as possible with the puppy.

During her lunch break, she even ate with her new friend. That’s when they really became friends for life.

She decided that she would be willing to take the puppy and care for her until she was ready to be adopted. To her surprise, this made her whole family fall in love with their new roommate.

The most beautiful thing happened on August 18, after about a month. Officer Sara couldn’t bring herself to say “goodbye” to the dog when it was up for adoption.

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