I’ve seen a lot of strays who are really struggling to stay alive. Some days they wouldn’t get any real food, and the little they do get isn’t always enough.

This kind of extreme hunger can make dogs feel terrible, and a lot of them will start eating anything to stay alive.

A dog that really needs help

When the Southern Animal Organization got a call about a dog living on the streets of New Orleans who wasn’t getting enough food, they went right to his aid.

The people who worked for the organization were shocked to see how bad he looked. The mixed-breed dog, who was now called Alex, was almost dead from lack of food and was barely moving.

They quickly took him to the New Orleans Rabies Animal Control in Vermilion Parish, where he would get the care he needed. An X-ray taken while they were there showed something very shocking.

To stay alive, Alex had been eating rocks and sticks on the street. It broke my heart more than anything else.

He’s lucky that all of that is over now. It’s safe for him and he will get all the help he needs to get better.

The New Family of Alex

Alex took weeks to get better, and on his way, he was with a woman called Diane Lundeen.

When she first put Alex in foster care, she thought it would only be for a short time.

But as time went on, they became closer, and Diane knew she had to adopt him.

He gained a lot of weight and had a lot of mood swings while she was with her. In just a few weeks, he went from being sad and living on the street to being happy and playful.

Alex’s favorite part is getting to play with his new dog siblings and show them how great he is.

It warms my heart to read about a dog who was hungry and got the help he so badly needed.

Everything worked out for him in the end, and he is now loving every moment with his new family.

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