By the time most of us reach retirement age, we can look back on a long and hard job and look forward to years of well-earned rest.

Melba Mebane, a 90-year-old woman from Texas, just said that she is leaving the department store where she worked as a sales clerk.

Well, at 74, you’re definitely one of the few people who deserves a break as much as you do.

“Even though times have changed between when she started and where we are now, her values and everything else still stand.”

Melba was always said to be a good influence at work. She worked hard and came to work every day with a smile on her face.

Melba says that in the 74 years she has worked, she has never called in sick or missed a job.

“Melba sets the tone for everything, every expectation, and every customer service quality that we look for in a luxury experience,” said the store manager, Saenz.

Terry Mebane, Melba’s son, said of her, “She’s a worker. She wanted a parking spot, and the store opened at 10, so she got there between 9 and 9:15.

Melba also had a habit of cutting her lunch breaks short. Terry said this was because “she knew that people often took their lunch breaks to go to the mall to buy what they were going to buy, and she didn’t want to miss her chance.”

Melba worked 40 hours a week even when she was in her 70s and 80s.

Melba said, “I liked everyone there, and I loved going to work.”

Melba got a “Beyond Excellence” award in the form of a medal that will stay in the shop at Dillar’s retirement party for the 100-year-old.


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