In her time, Angie Dickinson was a very well-known actor. She was such a great actress that she got awards for her roles. A lot of people loved seeing her in movies and TV shows.

At 92 years old, she’s not as well known as she used to be.

Her full name is Angeline Dickinson, and she is from the United States. She did really well on TV. In the 1950s, she started starring and was in a number of shows. Her first movie was called “Gun the Man Down.” She won a Golden Globe for her role in “Rio Bravo,” which you may also remember.

Besides TV, Angie Dickinson also played in many movies. “Jessica,” “The Chase,” “The Outside Man,” “The Art of Love,” “The Killers,” “Ocean’s 11 (1964),” “Pretty Maids All in a Row,” and more are some of the movies she has been in. In the 1960s and 1970s, she had a lot of fans.

However, her most important part was as Sergeant Pepper Anderson in “Police Woman.” There had never been a woman in charge of a TV show before, and it was a big hit. Some young girls were even moved by her character to become police agents.

In those days, Angie Dickinson said it was rare to see a woman on TV as a police officer. Now, shows like CSI and Law and Order do it a lot, but back then, it wasn’t the norm.

As part of the PBS show “Pioneers of Television,” Angie Dickinson talked about her role and how people still liked crime shows.

She didn’t think of herself as a “feminist.” She thought she had to beat the men. She didn’t call herself a feminist, but many women were moved by her work.

“When I was trying to get a part, I wasn’t competing with men; it was a part for a woman,” she said.

She didn’t care when asked about the pay gap between male and female actresses. She said she was pleased with the pay she got for her work.

She was also sad in “Police Woman.” She believed there was more that the show could have shown. She did not like how each show always had a happy ending and how there wasn’t much violence.

She wished the show had shown the bad guys getting in more trouble. Her favorite new shows were “Southland” and “Detroit 1-8-7” because they were better at what they did.

People wrote to her when “Police Woman” was very famous to say that she made them want to become police officers.

She was forty years old when she did “Police Woman.” She did a great job after working very hard. It was even harder for her than for younger actors. In fact, she seemed to look more beautiful as she aged instead of just older.

A lot of people thought she was very interesting. Some say she was very close to the Rat Pack, which is a group of famous actors and actresses. There were reports that she dated Frank Sinatra for ten years after they both worked together in the first “Ocean’s 11” movie. Some people also said she was seeing Dean Martin and John F. Kennedy, who was president before her.

She had a small but well-known role in the 2001 movie “Ocean’s 11” with George Clooney. People in Hollywood still think she’s famous.

That same year, she said something shocking on the “CBS Sunday Morning Show.” She talked about her time on “Police Woman” and how sick she felt when she was first given the part.

She said it was really hard to do the show. It was really hard to make 20 to 21 shows every season. She said she would do the show for four years, but not longer.

She found out that she wasn’t getting paid enough after four years. She said it was not worth it and took away a lot from her life.

She said that the director, David Gerber, told her that the part would make her famous, which is why she took it. She did say, though, that people’s wants change over time.

She has been married twice. Gene Dickinson was her first husband. They were married from 1952 to 1960. After that, from 1965 to 1981, she was married to Burt Bacharach. It was also his second marriage.

They had a daughter together, which was their first kid together. That’s what they called her. In 1966, she was born early, about three months before her due date. Soon after, Angie told us that Nikki had Asperger’s syndrome, a kind of “high-functioning autism.”

Nikki learned about rocks at Cal Lutheran University. But over time, her eyesight got worse, which meant she couldn’t work. They then took her to a special spot and let her live there for ten years.

Sad to say, Nikki killed herself in her Thousand Oaks home in 2007. She was forty years old. Everyone was told that she killed herself to “escape the pain” she was feeling in her thoughts.

Angie later talked about her daughter and said, “She was amazing, smart, and funny.” Everything I remember about her is my favorite.

Angie and Bacharach got together when she was already a big star and he wasn’t. Next, Bacharach wrote songs for singers like Dionne Warwick and movies like Butch Cassidy. This made him famous.

Bacharach got busier, and Angie was glad to spend more time being a wife and mother. She turned down lead roles so she could stay at home. Until “Police Woman” came along, she didn’t act again.

As soon as Angie got her job, she set a rule that she would always be home by 6 p.m. It didn’t always happen, though. She often got them fast food from Italy to eat at home. Bacharach told her that she looked very angry, but she didn’t understand why at the time.

After a while, she understood that she was mad at herself for small things, which made her marriage worse. She began to think about whether being a mom in Hollywood was really worth it. She thought about whether her husband would have loved her more if she had not worked and stayed at home.

They weren’t together for five years before they got a divorce. They went out with other people, but Angie always had Bacharach pictures in her house because he was the father of her daughter.

Also, her daughter played music and the drums. It was hard for them to be together because Nikki had joined a religious cult when she was 14 years old.

Nina said she would “never be as feminine” as her mother, which was another thing Nikki didn’t have. Still, the women got along great, and Angie always wanted her daughter to be close to her.

She brought her daughter Nikki with her to Hawaii to work on a project called “Pearl.” A strong tide caught them in the water, and they hit a coral reef. It scared Angie a lot that they wouldn’t make it, but she kept Nikki safe.

Being on the autism spectrum and being born early made Nikki’s health worse. She would get physical with her mom sometimes, but Angie always knew how upset she was.

Angie quit her job to care for her daughter Nikki, who needed more help. It wasn’t a sacrifice to her because she would have been writing plays if she didn’t have to take care of Nikki.

Angie’s friends, like Veronique, the wife of Gregory Peck, helped her when Nikki died. Another play by Tony Kushner that helped Angie feel better was one with death themes.

Burt Bacharach, who used to be married to Angie, died on February 8, 2023. He was 94 years old. Angie only had one child with him, even though he had other kids. They split up and got a divorce for a number of reasons, one of which was his cheating, which he wrote about in his book.

A lot of the time, Angie talked about how the artist, her ex-husband, didn’t love her like most people do. It was her words, “He didn’t respect me.” She told him she loved him, though.

She now lives a quiet life in her Beverly Hills home. It makes sense that she doesn’t go out much since she’s getting old. In 2004, she made her last movie, which was called “Elvis Has Left The Building.” In 2009, she was on TV in a show called “Mending Fences.”

She has been caught on camera, though. There was a PBS show about her called “I’ve Gotta Be Me.” It was about Sammy Davis, Jr. She said she felt lucky when she was 79 years old. “I was lucky to be here during a great time,” she said. I met some great stars and became friends with many of them and fell in love with some of them. “Life was great, and it still is.”

When asked if she would act again, she said she didn’t want to just play grandmother part. Her first thought was to do one-woman shows or plays instead.

She says it can be hard to act in movies and TV shows at age 92. She still cares about how she looks, even though she’s old. She made fun of the idea that she is a beautiful actor who can’t act.

In 2008, she sat next to Clint Eastwood, who made fun of the fact that makeup artists no longer cared about him because he was old. It was different for her. She said she got so used to hair and makeup that she felt strange without them.

Later, she told me, “You become crazy about how you look.” There goes my lift. If it doesn’t have a mirror, I’m done. “Everything changes after age 50, no matter who you are.”

The star doesn’t talk much about her private life. That’s why she thinks publishers don’t want to print a book in which she tells all the secrets. “But I won’t tell you everything,” she said. I’m not like that. “Maybe one day I’ll be able to put on a one-person show.”

Alex Becket, a writer for LA Magazine, said that she looked after Angie’s cats a lot. Angie was the best neighbor she could have asked for in an area full of famous people.

We know that the star lives by herself. Let’s hope she’s okay and doesn’t feel too alone!

The way people talk about “strong women” these days is funny. Angie had been strong for a long time before anyone said anything. She was stylish, beautiful, and brave when she did it.

There were a lot of strong women in movies and TV shows back then. They were ahead of their time in many ways. It looks like everyone has forgotten about them.

Tell other Angie Dickinson friends about this so they can see what she’s been up to lately.

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