Cole finds out the painful truth that he was there when Linda’s father died when he and his fiancée go to town to visit her. Now he needs to tell Linda and her mother the truth.
There’s no doubt that I never really believed in fate. I thought that if something was going to happen, it would. After that, there would be no more big plans.

But I later found out who Linda’s father was and realized I was to blame for his death. All of a sudden, it looked like fate was at play.

What took place was this:

I’m thirty years old and deeply in love with Linda, my fiancée. We are working hard to plan our wedding. We’ve been together since the days we met in New York City two years ago, when it was all magic and chaos.
My friend Linda and I chose to go to Phoenix to see her parents. I had already met Linda’s mother because she would sometimes go to New York to see Linda. I only knew that Leonard, her father, had died when she was a little girl.

We went because Linda wanted to show me the house where she grew up. She also showed me the house where she grew up. That’s where I would have met her if my family hadn’t moved to New York when my dad got a job. I think Linda and I would have met before we moved if luck had been on our side.

Linda’s main goal, though, was to ask her mother, Veronica, if she could give us her veil for the wedding.

Dinner was a lot of fun and had great food. The trip was worth it just for Veronica’s chili.
Then the old shots of Linda showed up.

Veronica told me, “Cole,” as she gave me a record. “You have to see Linda’s hair when she was a rebel.”
Nothing bad happened, and everything was fun. until I found a picture of Linda with her dad.

It made my blood run cold.

I held the old picture for a moment or two, but the beer bottle was shaking in my hand.

There was a face in Linda’s family book that I would never have thought to see.

When I told you something, my mind was rushing.

I’m sorry to say this, but I’m the reason your father died. Lisa, I killed him.
Linda went from having a happy face to one that was confused and shocked. In front of my eyes, her face turned funny.
She asked, “Cole, what do you mean?” “My dad died about 20 years ago.” How are you the reason he died?”

I told you that when I was ten, my family lived in Phoenix for about a year. Do you remember?”

Linda and her mom both nodded.

“We didn’t stay here for long because my dad was between jobs.” At that time, though, I loved riding my bike, so I always rode back a few blocks before dinner. Because the sun was so bright one day, I got into the wrong lane while riding. There was another car on the road, and to keep me safe, it swerved and hit a tree.

I paused because I couldn’t look at Linda or her mom.

“This picture,” I said, pointing to the one of Linda and her dad. “This one was in the newspaper.” It was clear the next day that the man had saved me when I saw it. But I did sit on the curb and wait for the ambulance to arrive. I’m not sure who called for them. After that, I walked home.”

Her mother said that Linda was still a child, though.

“Up until now, I didn’t know he was your dad,” I told Linda. “It wasn’t until I saw this picture.”
The room went silent.

“I understand if you want to cancel the wedding,” I told her. “Love you Linda, I’d do anything for you.” It’s not possible to let you go, even if it means doing it. And they won’t forgive you. “I know that.”

She grabbed my beer and drank a little.

“I think it was meant for us to meet,” she said, taking my hand. “I think my dad kept you all to himself.” I can’t hold it against them that you rode a bike when you were a kid. On top of that, I can’t blame my dad for wanting to save you. I clear you.”

What Linda said really hit me hard. As soon as she stood up, she hugged me.
After that, I started to cry. It was also good for you.
Then Linda’s mom came over to join the hug. I wasn’t sure if she would have forgiven me, but it looked like she did.

I’ve never been happier than I am right now, one week before our wedding, as I write my vows.

Knowing the man who saved my life’s family makes me feel like everything is over, even if it was just an accident. But now his family will also be mine.


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