A lot of people know about Cher. When we talk about her, we often think of how bad things were between her and Sonny Bono. Their child was named Chaz Bono. Chaz was born on March 4, 1969. Her birth name at first was Chastity Bono. Due to the fame of his parents, he became well-known very quickly. People saw him on TV right away.

Sonny made a movie called “Chastity,” which is where Bono got his name. Cher played the lead role in the movie, a young lesbian hippie who ran away. They had their child, Chastity Bono, while they were making this movie.

One TV show that Chaz liked to be on a lot when he was younger was “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.” He would show up at the end of every show when Sonny and Cher sang “I Got You Babe.” This helped people who watched the show remember Chaz.

But Chaz was having a hard time at home and at school. He didn’t like hanging out with girls his age. For some reason, Chaz couldn’t figure out why other girls cared so much about boys and fashion.

Chaz told his parents he was a lesbian when he was eighteen years old. During his childhood, he always felt different, and he found out he was gay when he was 13.

Before she became a big supporter of LGBTQ people, Cher had a hard time when her daughter told everyone that she was a woman. In an interview, she even admitted that she wasn’t good at dealing with it at first.

Chaz himself said that the first time he told his mom he was gay, she got very angry.

Chaz began to change into a man when he was 39 years old.

Once more, Cher, Chaz’s mom, was shocked.

“I found out that Chaz was transitioning, and we talked about it a lot.” After that, Chaz stopped talking about it, so I forgot about it. “And I think there’s a lot of fear about what will happen when you lose the child you love,” Cher said. “I think it’s mostly about the fear,” she said. I thought, “Who is this new person going to be?” That person is already known to me, but who will the new person be? How will it work? Will I have lost someone?”

It wasn’t until 2010 that Chaz turned 18 years old. A court in California agreed to let him change his name and gender.

A film called “Becoming Chaz,” which had its launch at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was shown on the Oprah Winfrey Network, showed Chaz’s journey as he grew up.

“My mother went through a time of mourning.” “It was hard for her, and we didn’t see each other for about a year after I transitioned,” Chaz told SBS Australia.

There are many touching parts in the video. One part shows how Cher felt when she heard Chaz’s new voice, which was caused by hormone drugs.

“I was very upset when I heard her voice on her phone.” “That was her old voice,” Cher said. It was then that I asked, ‘Can we save it in some way?’ It was gone, though. I’m not going to hear it again.”

Chaz started to show up in Hollywood more often after the documentary. He made history in 2011 by being the first transgender guy to be on “Dancing with the Stars.” Lawyers.com says this was the first time a transgender man acted in a big TV show that wasn’t about being transgender.

After five years, Chaz was in five episodes of “American Horror Story: Roanoke” and played Reverend Rydale on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

As a child, Chaz had a hard time with being overweight. He didn’t like how he looked. The good things started to happen when he started to change his gender.

“I told Oprah Winfrey years ago, ‘I wouldn’t have been able to do it before.'” I wasn’t in touch with my body enough. “The feelings of shame I had about my body were too strong for me to care enough to do that,” Chaz said.

Chaz weighed 250 pounds when he started “Dancing With The Stars.” But he lost weight quickly because he was training and competing a lot. It’s not a surprise, since getting good at dancing takes a lot of practice and moving.

Chaz kept up his healthy living after the show was over. He kept losing weight, and new shots show that he’s a long way from the unhealthy weight he had 10 years ago.

It’s been hard for Chaz to lose weight. Sometimes your body can’t keep up with how much weight you lose, and you might end up with skin that hangs down.

Chaz said, “It’s not fun, but it was worth it because I look better now.” “I don’t eat many grains anymore.” I eat mostly fruits, nuts, veggies, and meat. He told Extra TV, “On my birthday, I’ll have cake, though!”

His mom, Cher, has told him many times how proud she is of his bravery and his efforts to live a healthier life.

“He did everything by himself.” He chose to do it on his own. And it weighed about 85 to 90 pounds. Wow! … I am not sure if I would have the guts to do that.” In 2013, Cher said.

It’s great to see Chaz doing well today, right? He’s been through a lot, but he’s happy and seems to be in a better place now that he’s found himself.

I hope that Chaz’s story can inspire other people! Feel free to share this story if you agree!

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