William Gierke, who is 9 years old and from Wisconsin, was thrilled with his T-shirt.

She came home from school, though, in tears and sadness.

Because he wore a pink T-shirt, his friends made fun of him and called him names.

William Gierke, 9, wanted to show his support for people with cancer, so he picked out a T-shirt that had a special meaning to him.

The shirt, which was sold to raise money for a breast cancer charity, said “Tough Guys Wear Pink” all over it. His peers weren’t nice about the T-shirt, which was sad. William was picked on because he wore pink. People called him girl names.

Tomi, William’s mother, was upset when she saw her son fight back tears as he came home from school. Because of the mean things his peers said, he didn’t want to go back to school the next day. The mother didn’t know how to help William. Luckily, the child had a teacher who paid close attention…

Through an act of kindness, the teacher spoke out against bullies.

William was ready for more teasing and comments when he went back to school the next day. Then he saw what his teacher, David Winter, was wearing. The teacher was very interested because she had seen how badly William had been treated because of his T-shirt. To show his support for William, he chose to wear a pink shirt.

Even though it seems like a small thing, William really appreciated it. Above all, it taught all the kids that picking on someone because of what they’re wearing is never okay.

“I feel better, it doesn’t bother me as much,” William said after his teacher spoke out against the bullying.

Children should not be picked on because of what they wear. It was very brave of this teacher to stand up for his pupil. Share and like this story to show how grateful you are that this teacher helped William!

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