Joe did not grow up in his hometown, but he moved for college and law school. He decided on the little town because he thought he could really shine there.

There’s a park in town.His goal was to make everyone happy.When he first started his legal profession, he had few clients. He saw a man once making his way up the trail. Making an enduring impact on

this new customer as soon as he arrived. The visitor had just reached “the door when Joe picked up the phone. The man was drawn inside while” he was still speaking. “Not at all. Without a doubt not. Tell the jerks in New York that I’m not coming to fix this. No. “”Tell those jerks in New York that I won’t settle this case for less than $1 million”,” is something I believe should be said. Definitely not. The Appeals Court will review the case next week. My colleagues will offer corroborating data, and I will make the main case.I recognize. Please let the district attorney know that I will be meeting with him to go over the specifics next week. That went on like this for about five minutes. The man sat silently while Joe continued to provide instructions. Joe finally raised his head from the phone to meet the man’s face. “I’m “sorry I’m late, but I’m really busy right now”.” Please let me know how I can help you. He clarified that the phone company was the man’s employment.I had a great time coming to install your phone.

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