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Patrick Mahomes ‘felt a little bit of pressure’ for Travis Kelce to score while Taylor Swift was watching.

Patrick Mahomes says that Swifties got him to help get Travis Kelce a touchdown at a Kansas City Chiefs game that Taylor Swift recently went to, as if he had a choice.

In an on-field interview after Kansas City’s crushing 41-10 win over the Chicago Bears on Sept. 24, the quarterback was asked about the pop star and his friend. “I heard she was in the house,” he said.

Mahomes said, “I felt a little bit of pressure, so I knew I had to tell Trav.”

The “Midnights” singer sat next to Kelce’s mom, Donna Kelce, in a suite box. During the game, they both had funny expressions, and Swift even banged on the glass at one point.

In the third quarter, Kelce ran a short cut to the end zone and caught a pass from Mahomes. Swift was happy when the team scored. Fans are saying that the fact that she showed up is the latest proof that the two are dating. A person who knows Swift told NBC News that the star is hanging out with Kelce.

When NBC News asked Swift for a response, a representative did not answer right away.

Mahomes also said that Kelce’s creative run was a big part of the touchdown.

“He does his own thing and just makes up a route, and I throw it to him,” said Mahomes. “I think he wanted to get in the end zone just as much as all the Swifties did.”

Fans still say that Swift made Kelce’s score happen.

“Taylor is running football plays now, too,” someone wrote on X, which used to be called Twitter.

Someone else wrote, “Can’t believe Taylor Swift scored a touchdown,” and another said, “Taylor Swift is a great football coach.”

“He had to do his best for Taylor,” said someone else.

Mahomes praised Swift’s success at the press meeting after the game and said he hopes to meet her one day.

“She is a famous singer. She is great at singing and at everything else she does. I haven’t met her yet, but if she ends up with Travis, I’ll probably get to meet her at some point. He said, “She seems like a nice person, so I hope I get to meet her someday.”

Mahomes said that Kelce told him a few days before the game that Swift might come, but the quarterback didn’t think the celebrity would actually show up.

“He told me at the very last minute,” Mahomes said. “There are some things Trav says that make it hard to tell if they are true or not. He says it with such ease.”

“He was just like, ‘Oh, yeah, I think she’s coming to the game this weekend,'” Mahomes said.

Andy Reid, the head coach of Kansas City, joked in his news conference after the game that he was the one who put them together.

He said, “You know what? I’ve met her before.”

“I set them up,” he said with a smile.

Swift and Kelce were seen leaving the game together, and they later rode in a convertible car together.


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