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Victoria Pedretti on the Actor Who Said He “Jacked Off” to Her, But Didn’t Give His Name: “I don’t want him to mess up his career.”

Victoria Pedretti is coming out again after she almost broke the internet last week with a blind item about a famous actor who admitted to “jacking off” with her “so many times.” The star of the movie “You” shared a follow-up video to her Instagram Story today. In it, she talked about her comments and reassured fans that she has everything under control.

Pedretti said she had talked to the star about what happened, but she wouldn’t say who it was. She started by saying, “Trust me, I told this person that if I ever heard anything else about him, like, we’d have a problem.”

“I can deal with it. She also said, “I don’t want his career to be ruined because he said something really fucking stupid.” “When I first saw that post, I wanted to post a naked picture. Then I started to think about my birthday. Remembering what happened last year and how crazy that was.”

Pedretti went on, “So the naked part was the most important part.” Then I thought, “Especially when people are going to say bad things about you no matter what you do, and they’re going to be weird about how they feel they have the right to talk about women.”

The clip comes after Pedretti deleted an Instagram post in which she posted a naked photo of herself to celebrate her birthday and told a story about an actor she didn’t name who she said had sexually harassed her.

“What’s up with partial nudity?” She wrote, “A ‘well-known’ actor came up to me at a party on my birthday last year and said, ‘I’ve jacked off to you so many times.'”

Pedretti said that the actor’s words “shocked” her, especially since he had just said that he “respected” her work.

“It’s a joke to think that my modesty as a femme body will protect me from any disrespect,” she wrote.


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