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A man and his wife go to a hotel and check in.

The couple checks into a hotel for their stay. The husband goes downstairs to get a drink at the bar, while the wife, who is completely worn out, goes straight to their room to rest. As she lies down on the bed, she is startled by something out of the blue: a passing elevated train shakes the room so hard that it throws her off the bed.

She is confused, but she puts it down to a strange accident and tries to lie down again. But another train roars by and shakes the room again, sending her crashing to the floor.

She is getting more and more angry, so she goes to the front desk and asks for the boss right away. As the wife tells her story, the boss arrives quickly, with a hint of doubt on his face. She wants to prove her point, so she tells him to lie down on the bed and see the effect for himself.

Even though the manager hesitates, he finally sits down next to the wife. Just as he does, the husband walks in. The husband was shocked by what he saw and asked the manager what was going on. The manager replied calmly, “Would you believe I’m just waiting for a train?”

In this funny story, the unexpected is at the heart. Strange events and a perfectly timed punchline make up a funny story.


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