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YOU Season 3: Release Date, New Characters, and Story Expectations

Fans of the thrilling psychological drama series, “YOU,” are eagerly awaiting the release of Season 3, and there’s much to anticipate in the upcoming installment. Based on Caroline Kepnes’ novels, the show stars Penn Badgley as the obsessive and complex character, Joe Goldberg. After originally premiering on Lifetime in the United States, “YOU” found immense success on Netflix.

The production for Season 3 of “YOU” wrapped up in April 2021, and Netflix has officially announced that the dark and twisted drama will return sometime in the latter part of this year. So, who can viewers expect to see in the new season, and what’s in store for the storyline?

Is There a “YOU” Season 3?

Absolutely. Netflix renewed “YOU” for a third season, comprising 10 episodes, on January 14, 2020, just a few weeks after the second season’s debut. Lead actor Penn Badgley inadvertently confirmed the third season’s existence during an Entertainment Tonight interview before the formal announcement.

While an exact release date for “YOU” Season 3 remains elusive, there’s already plenty of buzz surrounding it. From how Season 2 concluded to the introduction of new cast members, there’s a lot to discuss.

Recap of “YOU” TV Show

In Season 2 of “YOU,” Joe Goldberg, now going by the name Will, relocates to Los Angeles, a place he despises. Here, he encounters new characters and takes on a job at a vegan grocery store/book cafe. Along the way, he becomes entangled with his journalist neighbor and her spirited younger sister. The season ends with Joe, grappling with his past sins, locking himself in a glass cage until Love intervenes with her twisted methods.

With Joe’s new love interest being his upscale neighbor, Season 3 promises a different plot dynamic from what fans have seen before. It’s likely that the season will delve into Love’s pregnancy and how it alters Joe’s feelings for her.

Love has evolved and learned to be unpredictable and deceitful, making her aware that Joe won’t simply discard her for a new relationship.

Release Date for “YOU” Season 3

When can fans expect “YOU” Season 3 to premiere? The release date is anticipated to be in the final quarter of 2021. Delays were attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting the show’s production schedule. The show will premiere on the popular streaming platform Netflix.

Cast of “YOU” Season 3

The cast of the thrilling series will feature both familiar faces and newcomers. Netflix recently unveiled the entire new cast for Season 3, introducing an impressive lineup of 15 fresh faces. Here are the main cast members for “YOU” Season 3:

  1. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg: Penn Badgley portrays Joe Goldberg, a serial killer and stalker. Born on November 1, 1986, he is 34 years old as of 2021, with roles in “The Stepfather” and “Gossip Girl.”
  2. Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn: Victoria Pedretti plays Love Quinn, an aspiring chef who becomes pregnant with Joe’s child. Born on March 23, 1995, in Pennsylvania, she is 26 years old and known for her roles in “The Haunting” and “Shirley.”
  3. Shalita Grant as Sherry: Shalita Grant takes on the role of Sherry, a locally famous mom influencer with a substantial social media following. Born on August 28, 1988, in Petersburg, Virginia, she is renowned for her roles in “NCIS: New Orleans” and HBO Max’s “Search Party.”
  4. Travis Van Winkle as Cary: Travis Van Winkle portrays Cary, a wealthy self-proclaimed founder who operates his own supplement company. Born on November 4, 1982, in Victorville, California, he is 38 years old and recognized for his roles in “Transformers” and “Friday the 13th.”
  5. Saffron Burrows as Dottie Quinn: Saffron Burrows assumes the role of Dottie Quinn, Love’s grieving mother. Saffron, a British actress, was born on October 22, 1972, and is known for her appearances in “Deep Blue Sea,” “Enigma,” “Troy,” and “The Bank Job.”
  6. Tati Gabrielle as Marienne: Tati Gabrielle takes on the character of Marienne, a no-nonsense librarian dealing with personal issues. Born on January 25, 1996, she is 25 years old and acclaimed for her role in the TV series “The 100.”
  7. Dylan Arnold as Theo: Dylan Arnold portrays Theo, a drug-addicted college student with a strained relationship with his stepfather. Born on February 11, 1994, in Seattle, Washington, he is 38 years old as of 2021.

With an intriguing mix of seasoned actors and fresh talent, “YOU” Season 3 promises to deliver another gripping chapter in the thrilling saga of Joe Goldberg’s life and obsessions.”


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