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Victoria Pedretti, who is known for her intense parts in “You,” is entering the world of spicy audio erotica with Quinn, an audio erotica app that doesn’t break the law. This is the start of the first original Queer Quinn series, which is called “Compromised,” and it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

The story of “Compromised” is about a woman who is a spy in modern-day New York City. In this story, Victoria Pedretti plays the character Andie Jones, who is on a quest to get stolen data back from an international criminal known as “The Collector.” But the plot gets more complicated when Andie meets a beautiful woman in a bar. This makes her already complicated task even more complicated.

This series will keep people interested because new episodes will come out every week until the big end on October 5. The addition of Victoria Pedretti to this project makes Quinn’s list of star collaborations even more exciting.

Quinn is known for the way it tells stories and writes erotica in a way that is open to everyone. As Pedretti points out, “Compromised” and the other stories about Quinn are for a wide range of people. They give people a way to explore their own dreams and what makes them feel good while also getting their imaginations going.

Audio erotica has become more common, especially among women, and has grown a lot since the pandemic began. Quinn’s move into queer places and the fact that brands like BLOOM Stories look at non-traditional dating styles like polyamory show that the industry wants to serve people with many different identities and wants.





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